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MommyFitNyc is on a mission to help women find balance, get healthy, and feel physically strong and empowered during and after pregnancy.

For many women it can be hard to find the right trainer. It can be embarrassing to talk about certain issues, like pelvic pain, urinary incontinence and other side effect of pregnancy and labor. Postpartum women are overlooked as a group and often treated as a general training population, when they actually require a different type of training immediately after pregnancy.

MommyFitNyc offers in home personal training and group training with experienced professionals who are prenatal/postnatal certified, and are able to address the hormonal and physical changes in your body related to pregnancy. The goal of training is to re-train breathing patterns, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, minimize diastasis recti, and strengthen core and back muscles. And of course weight loss.

We hope you’ll join our community of moms who have been brought together by exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

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Ania Schietzelt was born and raised in Poland. From the youngest age she was engaged in physical activity. Her parents were the most influential people, who instilled love for active lifestyle in her. Physical activity was a part of her daily routine. She was taking swimming lessons, dance lessons, skiing in the winter and sailing in the summer. It was not a surprise when she decided to attend Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw where she studied Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics among other subjects that focus on human movement. During those years she started her certification process first as a group fitness instructor and skiing instructor. These certifications opened a road to working with kids and adults and promoting healthy lifestyle and happiness through physical activity. When Ania moved to the US she became a personal trainer at Equinox and worked with general population clients. This was her time of growth and learning. Once she became a mom and experienced real challenges that sometimes can stop women from taking care of themselves, like postpartum depression (not rarely undiagnosed), lack of extra help, sleep deprivation and simply caring for another demanding human being she focused first on finding solutions for herself and then she wanted to help other women by delivering training and that feeling of wellbeing to their homes. There is nothing better than movement and company to prevent depression and overwhelming feeling of isolation that most of new moms’ experience.

BS from Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland. 2001-2004

B.A Hunter College Major: History, Minor Psychology 2006-2008

M.A Hunter College Social Studies 2008-2012

NASM personal trainer   /    Prenatal – postnatal   /   Kettlebell Training Level I   /   TRX training   /   Functional Movement Screen   /   Animal Flow Level I   /   Corrective Exercise- injury prevention    /    NASM Nutrition Specialist   /   NASM MMA certification.

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